Fix Expo Videos On YouTube

Posted by Fix Expo Team

Visit our page on YouTube to view some of the relevant videos related to the Expo Line. Lots of footage is currently uploaded including:

-- The afterschool surge of Dorsey High School students that cross the Farmdale/Exposition intersection (up to 105 students PER MINUTE), where the MTA is applying to operate trains at 55 mph with a crossing every 2 minutes and has proposed a "holding pen," which they allege the students will actually use:

-- Cars and trucks caught in the Gold Line crossing gates at Mission Station:

-- Television footage of the two Gold Line crashes in just the past couple of weeks, one which set the train on fire:

The Expo Authority lawyers would probably characterize the flaming train accident as a "fender bender." Just like this Blue Line Flower Street accident on Sept. 17th:

(In their Reply Brief to the Expo Communities United protest before the Public Utilities Commission, the Expo Authority actually claimed that the majority of accidents on the Blue Line in the portion that accounts for over 75% of the accidents on the most accident prone light rail line in the country and is identical in design as the Expo Line were just "fender benders.")


-- Expo Authority staff members denying the request for open public forums at various "project status update" meetings in the Phase 1 communities.

-- Expo CEO Rick Thorpe denying that he is building a line through majority-minority South LA communities identical in design to the most accident-prone section of the Blue Line.