Agency Opposition & Reservations

Posted by Fix Expo Team

Here are just a few of the documents and memos the Fix Expo Team has found:


The LAUSD has registered its reservations with the at-grade design of the Expo Line going back at least to 2001. Here are some quick links to the documents:

1) In his comments to the Draft EIR, then Superintendent Roy Romer request a below grade portion from the I-110 to west of Vermont and the LAUSD inter-office memo regarding the large number of bus routes serving many students including special needs kids on the corridor. The comments appear in Volume 2B1 of the Final EIR here on pages 28-35.

2) Shortly after the Final EIR was certified in December 2005, in large part to the proding of some of the founding members of Expo Communities United the LAUSD Office of Environmental Health and Safety sent a formal letter opposing the Expo Line at-grade design: 33KB pdf

3) The Parent Collaborative also submitted their letter of opposition, adding to the concerns of the LAUSD OEHS, the special needs children who would have their learning environments irreparably harmed: 38KB pdf

4) Among OEHS basis for opposition is their Distance Criteria for School Siting, which requires a new school be built no less than 128 feet from a rail line: 36KB pdf

Public Utilities Commission Staff

The PUC Staff has expressed reservations about the MTA Grade Separation Policy numerous times:

1) PUC Staff comments to the Final EIR: 176KB pdf

2) PUC Response to the Preliminary Grade Crossing Hazards Analysis submitted by Expo/Metro: 252KB pdf

3) PUC's comments during the Expo Field Diagnostic Meetings requesting the USC trench be extended beyond Vermont: 276KB pdf

4) PUC's Meeting Minutes regarding problems with the Dorsey High School "holding pen": 172KB pdf


Among the sternest concerns are those expressed in the May 17, 2007 letter from Gloria Jeff to Rick Thorpe calling the Expo Park event management plan will "lead to gridlock" and is "unsafe for pedestrians": 92KB pdf

And there's plenty more to be scanned and uploaded.