On January 16, 2008, the United Teachers Los Angeles House of Representatives stood up for the safety of children and the preservation of learning environments through HOR 11-7-07 Special Order #13:

Moved by Elaine LeBoeuf, seconded by Susie Chow that UTLA oppose the construction of the Expo Rail Line (light rail) as it is proposed. At least 5 schools are less than 100 feet from the at-grade (street level) rail which will be an extreme hazard to students, teachers and the general public. UTLA recommends that MTA build the train totally grade separated as it will be in Culver City and underground (as it will be at Figueroa Street at USC) in this high density area. Noise pollution is also a concern. Take it back to [the] Commission for a safer proposal.
Rationale: We are concerned about the safety and welfare of [the] general public (dogs and cats, too) in this densely populated area. Students will have difficulty concentrating with bells and whistles every 2 1/2 minutes. Sound walls can't be constructed to mitigate this circumstance.

Special thanks go to UTLA Dorsey HS Chapter Chair Noah Lippe-Klein, and UTLA Community Relations Chair Elaine LeBoeuf.

The motion can be downloaded by clicking here.