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Several links to recent press on this issue have been added to the "Press" section on the right hand column.

  • A brief blurb about Gloria Molina's comments regarding the equity in transit funding at Thursday's MTA Board Meeting appeared in the LB Press-Telegram:
Molina, in particular, expressed her displeasure during the MTA meeting that the tax would fund a subway to the Westside, while East Los Angeles and South Los Angeles have been allocated cheaper above-ground light rail systems.

"When it goes to the west side of town, they get a subway. When it went to the east side of town, you had to get light rail above ground," Molina said, calling light rail a "second-class system." Molina later retracted that statement, but maintained that above-ground rail was less convenient and noisier than subways.

"We were ripped off of our subway," she said
  • This excerpt from our Public Records Act request of Bernard Parks appeared in Betty Pleasant's June 26th Soulvine:
THESE ARE PIT BULLS! — Expo Communities United, the group organized to deal with the Exposition Metro Line scheduled to cut a swath through residential neighborhoods from downtown L.A. to Culver City, is a tenacious bunch. In its ongoing fight for safety amendments to the Expo Line’s plans, the group has invoked the California Public Records Act and requested of Councilman Bernard Parks that he, personally, provide the organization a whole lot of documents pertaining to the Expo Line’s construction. The June 6 CPRA request was signed by Expo Communities United leaders Damien Goodmon, Clint Simmons and Carol Tucker, and pursuant to the law, Parks has until the close of business tomorrow to comply — or else.
  • This excerpt from our complaint filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding Parks' illegal campaign donations from MTA contractors appeared in Betty Pleasant's May 29th Soulvine:
The Citizens’ Campaign to Fix the Expo Line filed a complaint, along with exhibits, Tuesday with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleging that Councilman Bernard Parks, appointee to the MTA and the Expo Authority boards of directors, is bankrolling his campaign for the 2nd Supervisorial District with contributions from MTA contractors in violation of three state conflict of interest laws. On Wednesday, the group filed a complaint on the same allegations with the state Attorney General’s Office.