About the Fix Expo Campaign

Posted by Fix Expo Team

UPDATED in November 2009.

The Citizens' Campaign to Fix the Expo Rail Line (or for short "Fix Expo Rail Campaign" or "Fix Expo") was launched in 2007 to inform our community about the numerous grave deficiencies in the majority-minority South Los Angeles segment of the $640 million $785 million $862 million light rail transit project. Our initial goal was to expand on the efforts of other local grassroots organizations, like Expo Communities United, which had been advocating on this issue for decades, to request our political leadership work to fix the problems so the Expo Line can be a good and safe neighbor to the local community and best benefit the region.

The Fix Expo Rail Campaign is based and organizes in the South Los Angeles segment of the Expo Line corridor, and spawned the incorporation of United Community Associations (UCA), a grassroots South LA nonprofit organization.

Fix Expo has held dozens of community meetings, gone door-to-door on numerous occasions, marched the tracks, met with elected officials, delivered statements and releases, published reports, written op-eds and engaged in several other activities to unite the community, bridge coalitions, and generate awareness of this important issue.  One of many important objectives of our effort is to research and deliver agency reports/memos and amplify the concerns expressed by international experts in rail safety and traffic.

Currently, Fix Expo (through our official entity, UCA) is engaged in multiple administrative legal actions against MTA, the prominent one before the CPUC, in an attempt to bring positive changes to the project and system-wide.

The Fix Expo Rail Campaign is led by Save Leimert Neighborhood Coalition, Expo Communities United, Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Homeowners' Coalition, and several other community-based organizations.

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